Golf Tips

  Golf Tips and Instructions

Simple and to the point golf tips.

Swing the club the same every time.

Change your club to change the distance.

Change your foot placement to change the height.

Stare at the ball, stare at the ball, stare at the ball.

Practice and practice some more.

Oh yeah, most importantly, have fun!

Ball Placement

When driving, the ball should line up with your lead foot.

For Irons, the ball should be somewhere between the lead foot and the center of your stance.

When using a Pitching Wedge, the ball should be set equally in the center of your stance between your feet.

When using a Sand Wedge, position the ball just ahead of center position in the direction of your lead foot. Then, pretend the ball is in the center position. Stare at a grain of sand in that center position. Swing like you are driving the ball. Hit the sand; not the ball.


Putting continues to challenge golfers of all levels. We have included a video from a putting pro. Everyone has a different style of putting. It is always best to watch as many videos as you can and learn something from each one.

There is a large amount of information out there on the internet. Take Advantage of that information. Everyone is an expert on something. Find the expert that benefits your particular needs.

On thing you notice about pros, is the amount of time they spend on the practice green. If you have a problem with downhill putts, practice hitting 100 downhill putts. If your 2 foot putts are missing, work on them.

The best part about the practice green, is it is free. You can chip and hit 18 balls onto the green, just like you are playing a round of golf. Most people have problems with chipping and putting. You can practice this virtually for free.

The Pros have been playing golf for free for years. They figured out that if they buy a bucket of balls, they can play golf all day long. First you go to the practice green. You pour out the bucket of balls 50 feet from the green. Practice your chipping. Move to another location. Practice chipping 50 balls from that location. Practice 50 balls from the sand trap. After hitting these balls on the green, practice your putting. 

The pros have really figured out this technique for playing a lot of golf for a little money. After spending hours chipping and putting 50 golf balls you paid $6 for, you get to go to the driving range also. For only $6 , you are able to chip and putt hundreds of balls for hours and then drive 50 balls.  Plus, you are getting a lot of practice on things you really need. A $60 round of golf would be a hundred strokes in a hurry over 2 hours.