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It is easier than ever to improve your golf game. With videos, new and experienced golfers can learn new tricks to benefit their game. Thanks to the internet, pros are sharing tips to help others improve their game. 

Although no two golf games are the same, The are basic techniques that do apply. Below are a few videos that discuss each element of golf. These are some of the basics, explained in a way that is understandable. Again, everyone is different. But, there is helpful information you can learn from every good golfer. Everyone finds a way of their own to make a task easier. Everyone has one thing they do really well. Below are some of the basics from people that do one thing really well.


Every golfer wants to drive the ball for long distances. People think it is about how big and strong you are. The truth is that it is all about technique. This video explains how you want to use your hips, instead of arms, to achieve longer drives. 


Chipping can make a big difference in your golf score. Learning to chip well puts that ball closer to the pin. If you don't put well, improve your chipping. 

There are many different methods out there. Each person is different. Body size, health, and physical ability all contribute to the method that is best for you. No two golfers are alike. If one technique doesn't work for you, than try another that does.

It used to be thought that only one method of playing golf was correct. However, many new golf super stars have shown us there are different ways of playing the game. It is OK to have your own style. But it is important to stay open to new ideas if you want to get better. Plus, for your alternative method to work, you still need to practice all the time to refine that skill. Everyone plays the game a little differently. However, if you practice you win. Check out our golf tips page where we tell you how the pros practice golf all day for $6.


Sand Trap

Nobody likes the sand trap. But, once you learn the basic fundamentals, you should be able to get out of the trap in one swing. Concentrate on getting out. Don't worry too much about the pin, getting out of the trap is step one.